Journal Art Pages with Armella

Fun with Journal Pages

Paint wherever you want and whatever you want - that's my moto! In the Art Journal, on the paper, on the cardboard, on canvas, on wood, etc.

watercolor sketches

Watercolor paints have a magical quality to them - the paint flows so nicely and blends easily. This is one of my favorite mediums to use. Watercolor sketches can be lots of fun if you need to apply the color quickly.

mixed media painting

Combining acrylic painting with mixed media techniques is by far my favorite way to play with color! There is so much you can use to make a beautiful and whimsical piece of art!

About Armella

I am Armella and thank you for visiting my website! To tell you the truth I don't exist. Armella is a figment of Artist's imagination. She is a little girl who LOVES PAINT and COLOR! What you see on this website is my artwork. I can help you forget about being an adult - come with me into a magical world of whimsical art and paint like a child, like you were once.