I love to paint!

I love to paint like a little child I once was. With freedom and no boundaries! This type of fun painting is a huge part of me. When I paint I try to see the world through a little girle's eyes. That;s a wonderful excuse to make beautiful art. It doesn't even have to be art - just fun stuff, playing with art supplies and colors, and seeing what happens in the process.

Journal Art Pages with Elena is a place where I share my passion for watercolor art and mixed media. As a Toronto-based artist I create unique and original whimsical paintings in mixed media and watercolor! I love painting cute character faces, girl's adorable dresses and wild hair. Other subjects include florals, quick city or urban sketches and wild life. My painting have a feel of child's innocence and sense of peace. My watercolour paintings are full of colour and it's versatility, through which I do not only express myself but help you, my beloved customers, re-connect with your childhood and re-open this wonderful world of dreams all over again! 

Let me ask you this: when was last time when you did something like that?

I wonder if you were intimidated to paint only because someone once told you that your painting doesn't look anything like the subject you were inspired by. I know, I had my moments. Say, you aren't familiar with a color wheel or with primary colors, or even can't really sketch your subject without feeling awkward. So what! I didn't let it stop me! I am completely self taught and I am super excited to share my art and my creative journey with you! After all it is not about the finished painting. No? What is it about then? I will tell you - having fun in the process! What you see on this website is my artwork.

I hope I can help you forget about being an adult (just for a moment) - come with me into a magical world of whimsical art and paint like a child, like you were once...


Live is to Create

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 I love art supplies and here are some of my Favorites: 


-Watercolor paints (all kinds)

-Charcoal (vine and pencils)
- Acrylic Inks
- Spray Inks
- White Acrylic Paint
- Water Soluble Oil Pastels
- Shiva Oil Stick
- Handmade Stamps
- Neon acrylic paints (especially neon pink) and Hot Pink Watercolor
- Stabillo Marks All Pencil in Black and Red
- Sharpie Paint Markers
- Smooth Bristol Paper
- Cold Press Arches Watercolor Paper (super nice texture, makes the painting look velvet-like)
- Gelli Plate Printing (the world of playing with paint in a way you could never before)

These are just some things I use in my artwork. As you already noticed, I am a mixed media artist. I love combining different media in my work. 

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